“life is beautiful!”, lance Gustave Kervern. In July, the journalist of the emissions Groland Canal + has completed the upcoming movie from Samuel Benchetrit, This music only plays for person. Gustave Kervern plays a “kind of mafia”, in the port of Dunkirk. And is looking forward to give a reply to the “stars”: JoeyStarr, Ramzy Bedia, François Damiens, directed by Bouli Lanners, and Vanessa Paradis, the wife of Samuel Benchetrit. “I dance with it, it’s great,” enthused the graduate of a business school as a child, we offer a treat.

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“His strength, is to be in doubt, writes Sylvain Fusée, the director of the emissions Groland. Not being sure of him and, at the same time, making the right choices. It was a humbling and touching.” A few days after the film by Samuel Benchetrit, Gustave Kervern has taken the camera with his partner Benoît Delepine, to Erase …

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