The following information is officially protected from the Muggle. All non-wizards are now warned. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , fans of the little wizard with glasses are called to the rescue to prevent the disaster, the worst since the reign of the dark mage Voldemort. Hordes of apprentices, armed with their smartphone or their tablet, so they will soon wander around in the streets, parks and public spaces to achieve their quests. They will be able to collect magic items, catch of fantastic animals and explore places reserved for wizards. On the way, players will have to fight against dangerous enemies, from werewolves to Mangemorts (followers of the evil wizard Voldemort) and from détraqueurs (creatures of darkness that suck in the soul).

The first images of the new Harry Potter game how Pokemon Go – to Look on Figaro Live

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To realize this new video game, Niantic is directly inspired by his previous production’s success: Pokémon Gb. Launched summer 2016, the application had generated a horde of pokéfans in the streets, ready to unsheathe their pokéballs to catch the rarest species of the application. The mobile game have been downloaded over 900 million times according to Forbes and would have generated more than 2.5 billion euros of recipe since its launch.

Developed in collaboration with Warner Bros Games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will allow Potterheads (fans of the saga written by J. K. Rowling) to come out of their den, armed with their magic wand virtual. Each person should choose his house (Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor) as well as a profession and to develop skills in playing with other wizards and accepting quests. On the official website of the app, two ads have already been made to find a Sniffleur on the run (a small creature attracted by the treasures) and a Nimbus 2000 out of control (brush wheel).

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Unlike Pokémon Go, the new game will follow a specific scenario. The world of the sorcerer’s risk of being discovered by the Muggle (people without magical powers) because of a mysterious event called “the Calamity”. Fantastic animals, dangerous creatures and magical items to appear in the eyes of the Muggle and could upset the world, magical and non-magical. The ministry of Magic and the international Confederation of Wizards call all the witches and wizards around the world to save the Potterverse (the universe of Harry Potter ).

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until the release of the game announced for this year on Android phones and tablets, fans will be able to make a detour on the Pottermore site, developed by the author british, to discover whether they are brave like a Gryffindor, loyal like a Hufflepuff, wise like a Ravenclaw, or cunning as a Slytherin. After which, the world of magic will depend on you.