“It started with a show, it will eventually show”. The 13 November 2015, 90 people have lost their lives at the Bataclan concert hall in paris. Come to listen the rock Eagle of death metal, the survivors are left with the echo of bullets and the silence of the dead. After My Bataclan (2016), and The Bite (2018) , two comics on the killing and the trauma that she has been able to generate, Fred Dewilde, survivor of the tragedy, returned for a third time, on the life, his life post-attack. This time, through a show mixing music and rewrites of its ancient texts cathartics.

In the wake of his two comic strips, Fred Dewilde is preparing a show that combines story and music on the traumatic post-assassination Editions Lemieux and Belin

” Between the writing of My Bataclan and now, three years of life and reflections have passed, I no longer see things the same way,” says Fred Dewilde. In his show, to Bind up my life , the artist offers a re-writing of the passages of his comic strips, and a replenishment of three years of reflections of a survivor. “It is an extension of The Bite , with a wider application of these notions of violence and trauma in the current social context,” he says. In addition to the attack, there are various social events such as rape, that lead to psychological states similar to each other that the survivors of the attack like me, have been able to live.”. A way to evoke the shock post-tramatique that, sneaky, remains in itself, like a poison slowly, which can destroy you. Dewilde has, it seems, found its antidote.

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For his show, the designer has made a call to Frank, another survivor of the Bataclan, a musician met in the association of the victims of the attacks, Life for Paris. “I told him that I was looking for a guitarist for a project, and he told me “my guitar is up to you!””, explains Fred Dewilde.

through a “concert poetic”, the two artists want to convey emotions and not images. For the designer, the goal is not to voyeurism, or to relive the tragic events, but to evoke the feeling that they have caused and cause, for in dealing with the consequences, and reconstruction. Or at least the ways to rebuild itself. “The show is both educational and opens a debate. On the echo that has had this violence has on our daily lives, and not only for the survivors of the Bataclan.”

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No official date is currently set, but the show is sure to be played at Valencia where the two men will be in residence. “We hope to turn the project, but the most important thing for us currently, it is the finish. The repetitions are challenging. It’s hard to hold back our tears, even for Clear Dumelz, comedian and film director who works with us and who has not experienced the attacks,” concludes Fred Dewilde.

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