What fantasies does it not sits on the dances of tahitian? It must be said that the Tahitians possess a registry of dances: several celebrate, the seduction, the joy or the lamentations of the mourning… These dances have produced much more effect on our ancestors in search of paradise on earth that the wahines the practiced naked breasts, the size surrounded by skirts of plants and their undulations of the pelvis, blows to the hips and ondoiements shoulder could reverse many of the certainties. For the Casino de Paris, we put the top down without extinguishing the fire. During three sessions, two hundred dancers from fifteen countries compete in the Heiva I Paris.

The contest has three rounds. The opening will take place on Friday evening with the evening of the troops, who will be competing in the category of Mehura, slow dance on recorded music, and then in the category Ote’, fast dance on live percussion. Saturday morning, soloists, duos and troops practice the dance of the warrior, cousin of the martial haka of new Zealand, where we attack the ground by tapping your foot and rolling mechanics. Saturday for the final, the winners of the various categories occur in the registry. In this Heiva, amateurs compete with grace and passion. Change of scenery guaranteed.

Heiva I Paris
Casino de Paris
16 rue de Clichy, in the Ninth arrondissement of Paris.
Phone : 0 892 69 89 26.
Dates: on 17 may at 20h, may 18 at 14h and at 20h.
Seating: of 17,30€ 68,20€.