Over the release date of Leaving Neverland on M6 approach, the more the pressure intensifies. The CSA has just been seized by dozens of people complaining of the content of the trailer of the documentary by Dan Reed, produced by HBO, in which Michael Jackson is described as a powerful paedophile. A ogre which in turn resulted in parents and children in a fairy tale before going on to the attack according to a pattern well established. This film is chilling that could put an end to the career posthumous of the planetary star, we have seen first-hand. A duration of four hours, it will be broadcast on M6, on Thursday, 21 march.

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everyone should see Leaving Neverland, as the testimonies it contains resonate with the current scandals affecting the catholic Church in the pedophilia rampant that mine the Internet through the business more anonymous than count down the pages various facts of the press. The French channel is hoping an audience record. And this, although a minority of French people have already downloaded through the Internet since its airing on HBO Sunday and Monday.

in The United States, the first part of Sunday was attended by 1.3 million people. The second part aired Monday drew 927.000 spectators. Numbers that may seem low in view of the 20 million subscribers who watch an episode of Game of Thrones on HBO. For a documentary, it is the third-best audience for the american chain in ten years, after a investigation on scientology and a portrait cross-devoted to Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher.

At the headquarters of the M6, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the direction was well understood that this film was going to require more diplomacy than expected. Barely string a-t-she announced having purchased the film to the international distributor Kew Media, that the first letters of fans began to rain. At the group’s headquarters, the structure is nearly identical missives was immediately noticed. From individuals, it was not normal. What is not measured can not be the chain, it is that the French fans of Michael Jackson are among the most organized in the world. And it will be thirty years that it lasts. “France has always been a country very close to Michael”, said Francois Guerrini site MJ France.

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empire, which weighs a half-billion dollars

The planetary star loved to come to France, where he appreciated the work of its producer Jacky Lombard. Over the years, in appreciation of their loyalty, his ardent fans from france have benefited from a privileged access to the singer. This was done through, among others, the quarterly magazine dedicated to the idol christened Black and White , which was published from 1992 to 2001. “The writing was very close to the management of Michael Jackson, remembers François Guerrini. When the magazine organised a party for the fans, Michael sent a message specially recorded for the occasion. This could be a fax machine where he wished us a good evening.”

Since the disappearance of the singer in June 2009, the estate of Michael Jackson directed by John McClain and John Branca has launched a considerable amount of work to restore the empire Jackson afloat. It is currently worth $ 500 million. Michael Jackson is by far the number one ranking Forbes of celebrities who died the most profitable, ahead of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Their management of the artistic heritage, in contrast, is much more discussed by the fans. The disenchantment with the estate date Michael, the first album posthumously released in 2010. “The title Breaking News had made us jump because we do not recognise the voice of Michael Jackson. At the initiative of the association, MJ France, a petition was signed by fan-clubs around the world, ” explains François Guerrini. A trial is still in progress in the United States.”

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in the Face of a film so overwhelming that Leaving Neverland , the estate of Michael Jackson and the fans rally together. This is the case since the release of the documentary festival, the american Sundance on January 25. No question pass on this movie who can kill forever the image of the star. The estate is in charge of hanging out HBO before the american justice to ban the broadcast of the film. In France and Belgium, the main sites of the fans and to each other make common cause. They who had hitherto relations sporadic put their troops in order of march. “We are twenty people have created the group MJ Factual,” explains François Guerrini, persuaded of the innocence of the singer.

“We want to avoid at all costs to relive the atmosphere of the trial in 1993 and 2005, where the journalists had from the outset taken a stand against Michael Jackson”

Francis Guerrini, fan-club MJ France

link with the american representatives of the estate of Michael Jackson, and, in particular, the communicators, the collective francophone organizes at the speed of lightning. “We want to avoid at all costs to relive the atmosphere of the trial in 1993 and 2005, where the journalists had from the outset taken a stand against Michael Jackson,” explains François Guerrini. The battle plan is simple: to spread as widely as possible, and in particular to the press, “official documents, often translated in French”.

This kit of “defense of Michael Jackson” is composed of eleven documents. There is a copy of a letter sent on 18 February to M6. The collective request in writing whether it has verified a list of twelve points which, according to them, prove the innocence of the singer. This letter also mentions the relations of the M6 group with the teams of Michael Jackson, recalling that the chain has been a sponsor of the concerts of the HIStory Tour in France. “The times seem to have changed, writes the collective. The crisis, which is hitting the tv classic in the face of new giants such as Netflix and Amazon forces you to make profitable choices.”

Retrieves the memory for a complaint against HBO filed by the estate of Michael Jackson. D. R.

These few lines on the competitive landscape of television and the contracts made previously between the channels and Michael Jackson are also found in the us documents where the estate of Michael Jackson accuses HBO, the production and the diffusion of Leaving Neverland . The collective publishes the letter sent on 7 February by Howard Weitzman, attorney for the estate of Michael Jackson, the chairman of HBO, Richard Plepler. He accuses him of, among other the desire to make the hearing at any price at a time when its flagship program, the series Game of Thrones will soon stop.

Excerpt of the letter sent on march 3, by the estate of Michael Jackson to the direction of HBO. D. R.

beyond the media battle, the associations also intend to discredit the testimony of the two men who accuse today Michael Jackson in Leaving Neverland . According to the collective, Wade Robson, the australian choreographer of 36 years who has always defended Michael Jackson, would have changed his mind after 2011. At this time, Robson would have been removed from a show in tribute to Michael Jackson created by Cirque du Soleil. “Suddenly, he remembers sexual assault, the hand of the King of Pop,” writes the collective. In 2015, Wade Robson to sue the estate of Michael Jackson and asks for several million dollars, but the court rejected his complaint.

Excerpt of the testimony of Wade Robson at the trial of 2005, which was issued by the fan clubs and the estate of Michael Jackson. D. R.

James Safechuck, 41 years ago today, he, too, had filed a complaint in may 2014 against the estate of Michael Jackson for touching that allegedly occurred between 1988 and 1992. “Again, this complaint is dismissed by the american courts”, says the collective. For the French fans, “the oral testimony of these two individuals who have changed their version of the facts and that have been rejected in court constitutes “evidence” irrefutable”

In their campaign in defense of Michael Jackson, the group also advises the reading of the Conspiracy against Michael Jackson , a book written by Aphrodite Jones, ex-analyst legal for CBS, CNN and Fox News. According to the associations, the journalist “has written this book because not only was she moved to the side of the truth during the trial of 2005 in which Michael Jackson came judged innocent, but she had been an integral part of the media circus of the time.” In their “press kit”, the fan clubs are also on the case of Chandler, the name of the little boy at the origin of the first trial in a pedophilia of 1993. A trial that was paid for by a financial transaction.

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