“Without ever speaking without ever screaming they love each other in silence,” sings Lara Fabian since the release in 1996 of his song The Difference . Especially popular in the Russian areas, where its song I love you is the joy of karaoke, the singer now finds itself torn between its stated support for same-sex couples and its own security. When asked by RTL , she explained the particular situation that threatens the programming of its future tour anniversary, in 2020, to celebrate its 50 years, especially in Russia.

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“If you knew how they don’t care about our insults. They prefer love, especially true, to our whispers.”

Words to The Difference, Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian knows, interpreting The Difference , in a country where same-sex couples are violently repressed, she defies in some way the regime of Vladimir Putin.

After having done “for several years”, the singer has begun to suffer a variety of pressures from the Russian authorities: “They threatened me severely. […] I know that on the last night, it was very very hot”.

Difficult for the artist to resolve to remove the piece from his repertoire, even if it acknowledges that it “will perhaps end up in jail”. For Lara Fabian, not to interpret The Difference , this would be finally “bow to the fear. “But I can’t be reckless, I have a lot of things to protect my integrity as a human being, as a mom, as a wife.”

As to the idea of dropping to occur in Russia, as in other countries where freedoms are not guaranteed, it can not solve: “Why I should condemn all people who are in the room, and of which, many of them, are part of the community?”

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While she pondered the matter further to his repertoire, Lara Fabian has already scheduled a few dates of his upcoming tour, which will also be promoting his latest album Butterfly released at the beginning of the month of February.