In February, he told how, several years ago, he had wanted to shoot a “bastard in black”. Liam Neeson is back on the about what he had said in an interview for The Independent , on the occasion of the promotion of in Cold Blood , in which he was headlining. In a press release published on 29 march by Variety , american actor columbia has apologized.

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“For the past few weeks, I have been rethinking and I have talked with people who have been injured by my remarks the impulsive response to the rape of one of my very dear friends it has been almost 40 years, and my thoughts and actions at that time were unacceptable. The horror that has affected my friend made me have irrational thoughts that do not represent the person that I am. In trying to explain what I was feeling, I went to the side of the subject, and I hurt a lot of people, at a time when language is too often militarized, and where an entire community of innocent people is targeted in acts of rage. What I didn’t realize, is that beyond justify the anger that I have accumulated in recent years, about that I must have had a real impact today. I was wrong to say that. I acknowledge that, even if the comments I have made do not reflect what I actually think, they were hurtful and unpleasant. I apologize deeply,” says Liam Neeson.

about the consequences colossal

In an interview with The Independent on February 4, the actor told of how, under the shock of the discovery of the rape of a loved one, it has “walked through the streets with a bludgeon, hoping to be approached by someone”, a “bastard black” for “the kill”. A memory of horrifiait already at the time.

The comments made by Liam Neeson in February last have completely served the actor. To the point of threatening his long-term career, and in the short term, the output of in Cold Blood , a film in which he was promoting at the time. In addition to the cancellation of the premiere, which was held in New York, the film has achieved the worst start to the production with Liam Neeson since 2010. With 10.8 million revenue for the first weekend, in Cold Blood is barely better than The Next Three Days. This remake of To It (with Vincent Lindon and Diane Kruger), where the actor appeared alongside Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, had collected only $ 6.5 million, according to The Wrap . In the end, in Cold Blood had received only $ 59 million of revenue in the world, according to figures from Box Office Mojo. Not enough to pay off the costs incurred by Lionsgate and StudioCanal: the production amounted to 60 million dollars, according to Hollywood Reporter.

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