They are funny, whimsical, colourful. Some perfectly capture a feeling, a character trait or a particular situation… And yet, it is regrettable, the time has erased those expressions which were the charm of the French language.

What is more speaking that the phrase “his head gives hurt his feet” to describe a person lacking greatly in common sense? Or again, the mockery: “he judges like a blind man of colours”? But also the sentence “when he sleeps, the devil rocks” which aims to denounce a person’s pernicious? They date from the Sixteenth, Eighteenth or even Nineteenth centuries, but the sarcasm that they wear has not taken a single wrinkle. Would you attempt to measure yourself as these expressions are outdated? Le Figaro proposes to you, thanks to the book Vannez as grandpa! (First), Sylvie Brunet, to do the test.

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