In Alma-ATA, a drunk driver crashed into a checkpoint, killing a policeman

In Almaty by a drunk driver in a BMW crashed into a checkpoint mounted in connection with the quarantine, the press service of the city police. According to authorities, the accident killed 42-year-old policeman.

reportedly, the driver of a foreign car crashed into a concrete fence of the checkpoint, and then moved into the patrol car. Senior police Lieutenant, who was in the car, died at the scene from his injuries. His colleague is hospitalized in critical condition.

it is Established that the driver was in an alcohol intoxication. He was taken into custody, the incident is under investigation.

the checkpoints established along the perimeter of Alma-ATA in connection with the restrictions on entry and exit from the city without special permit, imposed due to pandemic coronavirus. Currently in Kazakhstan, more than 8.3 thousand cases of coronavirus and 35 deaths.

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