In Armenia detained over hundreds of protesters near the Parliament

hundreds of residents of Yerevan came to the building of the Armenian Parliament, which discusses the issue of deprivation of parliamentary immunity of the leader of the opposition faction “prosperous Armenia” Gagik Tsarukyan.

law enforcement officers do not have to wait for the riots and began to detain the participants in the plots had been delivered over a hundred people.

“as of 11:00 (10:00 GMT) in a police Department from the Parliament delivered to 103 people,” said the police.

the Official reason for the detention is the violation of the regime of emergency imposed because of the coronavirus.

As RIA Novosti reports, Tsarukyan want to prosecute under article “complicity in bribe voters, violations of the ban on charity during elections or obstructing free expression of will of voters”, but he believes the case is political.

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