In Bryansk the foster mother brought the girl to exhaustion and frostbite

In Bryansk citizens saved seven year-old girl whose foster mother brought up the fact that the child needed urgent hospitalization.

the Girl was found by passers-by in Bryansk. She lived with a foster mother in a house in Sailor’s alley. According to “Our Bryansk” the girl lost weight, she had not washed, her clothes were dirty. In addition, it was found that the child frostbitten feet. Now nursed her physicians.

In the RF IC opened three criminal cases under article 117 (infliction of physical pain against a minor), 156 (improper execution of duties on education of minors) and 293 (improper performance of official face of their duties).

Investigators believe that in addition to the crime of adoptive parents, what happened there is the fault of the care staff who have not followed the family.

Foster mother arrested. We also found out that the girl was not the only foster child in the family. At the request of investigators initiated a question on the immediate withdrawal of the remaining children.

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