In Buryatia patients to hospital after complaints allowed to go to the toilet in a bucket

In Ulan-Ude patients of the national hospital after the scandal was allowed to go to the toilet in buckets and the toilet on the floor. This decision was taken after complaints of patients and resonance in the media.

As reported by “Lifting” it turned out that, in addition to improper coslovi in the hospital there are other complaints. Patients brought here by the flights of the aircraft, but doesn’t deliver. In the end the people are left in a strange city, sometimes without funds for the journey home. They have to get back with connecting flights to Irkutsk.

Previously, the patient complained of “miserable conditions” in the ward for patients with coronavirus: people were not allowed to go to the toilet, instead provedennogo table set “buckets for defecation and urination”. The Ministry of health of Buryatia said that “the hospital building was built in 1940 and has no system of sewage treatment”, so patients are offered “individual bucket-toilet” and the screen.

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