Even if we don’t know Pablo Reinoso, the mere evocation of its “benches spaghetti” allows you to place it in the landscape of art work of the crime: a foundation that seem to escape the control of the artist. They are directly inspired by the urban furniture classic, these wooden benches with curved slats that are found in the public space.

Only here, where the benches are waiting patiently in the cities or in the parks as a hiker sits down, they do not ask for permission to explore the surroundings and for their lattes fly away, curl into spirals of endless wood or metal. “A natural expansion of the bench in the space,” says Jérôme Sans, the curator of the exhibition.

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Very quickly, one sees in the work of Reinoso the problem of collecting pieces that belong to the world of sculpture, but keep strong links with their primary function. The argentine artist adapts very well: “I belong to two worlds, but the important thing is that these objects are an essential element in the writing of urban, so public works”.

His first “Spaghetti” bank, it is realized in 2006. “Built with joists of metal, they are also a tribute to the era of industrialization, to the men who built the buildings at the beginning of the Twentieth century,” he explains. “And the work continues also in the shadows and the mad shapes that it creates on the ground,” says Pablo Reinoso, who began to construct objects from the age of five years and a first stool, hinged at 14 years old.

Marked as early as 3 years for a chair that offers him the gift of his nanny in paraguay, he is interested very early to the meeting and collect so many models of chairs. Up to focus its work on the chair Thonet. “The first object of design for mankind”. A model of chair industrial with swirls of curved wood, which will give him inspiration for his future expansions of the plant.

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benches but not only

next To the benches, sculptures more abstract Reinoso are exposed as The Thing , a monster of steel that seems to float in the air and reacts to the wind. It is not without making think of the spider of Louise Bourgeois. Further, Rolling Sculpture Monaco is an installation in painted steel, made of a loop similar to a ball of wool become matted.

Installed in a shopping centre state of the art (finally not so illogical for schools), the structures of Reinoso come to life at the turn of the aisles of the stores under the curious gaze of passers-by. At least some of them. Others lose interest completely. To the director-France shopping centres group Unibail Rodamco Westfield, Anne-Sophie Sancerre, this type of initiative is a way to publicize or introduce the customer to the item You will doubt it.

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the image of the Bench tie-Reinoso installed since 2015 in the shopping center and securely anchored to the walls, Polygon Riviera has some of the works and carries out every year a project with an artist under the patronage of Jérôme Sans. Among its collections: the sculpture of Jean-Michel Othoniel, an installation of Buren, a other of celeste Boursier-Mougenot or even a sculpture of Antony Gormley are scattered in the alleys. Some more to their advantage than others, surrounded by big brands of ready-to-wear…

Latest acquisition, the bench Green Line of Reinoso has already been included in the centre’s collections and invites to contemplate the landscape of an area which, recently, was an industrial wasteland where nature (tamed by man) seems to have regained some of its menus rights.