In Canada, the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded 92 thousand people

In Canada, the total number of people infected with coronavirus has increased to 92 151 people. Since the beginning of the pandemic from a disease caused by a virus, died 7344 people, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

Over the past two weeks killed more than 2 thousand people were infected more than 20 thousand

most affected by the virus the French-speaking province of Quebec, there are approximately 51.4 thousand confirmed cases of infection. In neighboring Ontario, where the capital of the country Ottawa, — 28,7 thousand infected. Also in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario registered the largest number of deaths in the country — 4661 and 2293, respectively.

a Sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Canada began in April. At the end of March in the country was confirmed only about 1.4 thousand infected COVID-19.

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