In Ekaterinburg the drunk nurse of the kindergarten was found sleeping in a cot (video)

In one of the private kindergartens of Ekaterinburg parents caught a teacher sleeping drunk sleeping in a cot.

according to E1.RU the father of one of pupils of a kindergarten day came to check up on the care of their child in the kindergarten and found the children unattended, and the Director and kindergarten teacher — sleeping drunk in a cot. It is seen that in the games room, the mess, and the kids are upset. Thus, according to the parent, the entrance of the kindergarten was opened, the man freely entered the room.

the Man went to the police and employees of Department on Affairs of minors came to the garden and spent with the teacher talking.

the police of Ekaterinburg are checking. The owner of IP has fined under article 20.21 of the administrative code (“the Appearance in public while intoxicated”). Parents have written the application in office of public Prosecutor.

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