In France, riots took place with the participation of natives of Chechnya

In the centre of Dijon in France, a crowd of Chechens defeated the hookah controlled by immigrants from Morocco and Algeria. In the fight, and the subsequent dispersal of conflicting police injured 10 people.

According to local TV, which cites RIA “Novosti”, the Arabs, who hunted the city’s drug trade, was attacked due to the fact that some of them uchastvoval in the beating of Chechen teenager.

Meanwhile in Paris protested the police, which in recent years more and more criticized for harsh treatment of detainees, resulting in death. The French are not indifferent to the fate of black George Floyd, who died due to the fact that the security forces held him udumali reception. French activists recalled that their country had a similar case and has achieved from head of the interior Ministry’s ban on the use of “strangulation” by the police. This angered the guards, and they came to the rally, Interfax reports.

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