In Indonesia, a 64-year-old woman married to his adopted son, half my age itself

In Indonesia, a 64-year-old woman was adopted by a 23-year-old man, and a year later married him.

writes 7News, MBA Gambling adopted Ardi Vars in 2019. After about a year she stated that he needs to get married, because the three foster daughters of the women is already married. In response, the man made a “mother” sentence. She was surprised, but accepted it.

A 65-year=old grand, Mbah Gambreng, tied knot with her adopter son, 24, Ardi Waras, just a year after they started

— anzimag (@anzimag) June 15, 2020

it is Noted that as bride-price the young man paid the bride-to 100 thousand Indonesian rupiahs (491 ruble).

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