In isolation, the Russians began to save on everything, except food

In the period of introduction in Russia of limitations, people began to save on clothing, skin care products, the goods for creativity and transport. Spending grew only on food, says the study, which was conducted by the service of finding high-paying jobs SuperJob at the request of “Kommersant.Money.”

Experts polled 1,600 people from all districts of the country. In the period of self-isolation 44% of Russians have reduced the costs of buying clothes and shoes. Almost 40% reduction in the transportation budget. Cosmetics have less to spend 37% and goods for hobby – almost a third of Russians. Almost 40% of respondents say that spending on food increased.

the Russians, who talk about the growth of spending on communication services and utilities, twice more than those who managed to save it.

the number of respondents who have more to spend on self-education, exceeds the number of those who have reduced this expenditure.

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