In Kirov the Registrar of the medical institution was fired after recording in the social network of the low salary

In Kirov Registrar clinical-diagnostic center of Faith Votintseva fired after Facebook complaints on low wages. As she told to the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, now she intends to fight for the reinstatement through the courts.

on may 14 the CDC worker wrote on his page on the social network that in April, her salary was a little more than 12 thousand rubles. The Registrar complained about the working conditions and the risk of infection from visitors. “Not that we were expecting 80 thousand surcharges, we understand that we’re not supposed to, we’re not doctors — but Tyshenko something, and then two, the boss might throw. All the same registry, anyway — the front edge through us is practically the entire flow, we talk, we breathe, we sneeze, cough,” wrote Vera Votintseva.

the same day, the worker on the phone call the boss with a question about where and why she complained about the salary. And on may 20, the Registrar was summoned to the office of the chief doctor of the CDC, which took the “official investigation.” According to workers, the authorities, inquiring about the circumstances of writing the post in Facebook, asked her to leave by agreement of the parties. When the Registrar refused, she was given to sign the order on termination of the employment contract on the initiative of the employer.

With the dismissal of the Registrar does not agree. “I now intend to return to work at CDC in court”, — said Vera Votintseva.

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