In Moscow police have detained for a bribe of 140 thousand roubles

In Odintsovo, Moscow region against a police officer opened a criminal case for bribe-taking. This was reported by “Rosbalt” in press-service GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region.

Guardian of order received 140 thousand rubles bribe from the local businessman for the failure check with respect to employees of the landfill, owned by the entrepreneur.

the interrogation, the investigator, the platoon commander of a separate battalion patrulno-sentry duty of police of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Odintsovo district pleaded guilty. The court placed the suspect under house arrest.

In a press-service GU MVD of Moscow region reported that the officer-the bribe taker is already dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs on negative grounds. Also to strict disciplinary action attracted his immediate supervisors.

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