In Moscow the death rate from COVID-19 is 1.4%

Moscow was the first in the world published the Atlas of changes in human organs in case of death from coronavirus.

As reported the press service of the Moscow Department of health, deaths from COVID-19 in the capital in April was 1.4% with the incidence where it was the main cause. In the case of accounting for all residents who have the coronavirus has been laboratory confirmed deaths in April was 2.8%.

At the same time in Department noted that the rate in Moscow is lower than even according to official sites of new York (10%) and London (23%).

desgraves also reported that mortality from –°OVID-19 in Moscow in may will be higher, because “at the end of April, the peak incidence of coronavirus”. The Department assured that the may figures will be analyzed and made publicly available.

Recall that in recent days in Moscow have revealed 2054 new cases of coronavirus.

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