In Muranska Park in a single day set and demolished the monument to help of the cut down trees of St. Petersburg (photo)

Unknown established “monument trees” in Muranska Park. Photo in social networks was published by activists campaigning against the building of a green zone.

“Very sad, but Murinsky Park continues to build up. Monument to the trees — the symbol of these sad events,” write the users in social networks.

In cutting the locals blame developer “Anna Nova”. “The same fate threatens another 100 trees, 21 shrubs and 12 thousand square meters of lawn! And all this for the sake of another commercial private box for beach volleyball,” — said in the official group of the activists of the Park.

the Installation with gilded wood and the axe did not last long.

Under the post, the man wrote that “the axe will soon steal”. Review scored more than 70 likes, and the prediction was correct, if you believe the new photos.

Murinsky Park is not the first time attracted the attention of the public. So, in the summer of 2019, the company “Anna Nova” distributed in network video, where employees told about sick elms in the Park that you want to cut. Locals reported that cutting down trees is not over.

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