In Nizhny Tagil drivers of minibuses staged a fight in the eyes of passengers (video)

In Nizhny Tagil two drivers of minibuses have arranged fight at the bus stop.

As told in the social network one of the passengers, the day before on Kosmonavtov street the driver of bus number 25 began to overtake the minibus № 33 along the rails and “clipped” colleague.

In the end proved to be dissatisfied with both drivers, started sparring, and the driver of bus No. 33, grabbed a wooden stick and a fight began. Fiddled on the sidewalk, the drivers dispersed and continued the route.

As told to “Rosbalt” the head a press-services gumvd on Sverdlovsk area Valery Burnt, the police from Nizhny Tagil confirmed the identity of both drivers are employees of the company “Soyuz-NT”.

Colonel Burning suggested that the drivers wanted to beat each other in competition for passengers at the final stop. Local police are still checking.

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