In Paris and London flared up the clashes in the protests against police brutality

In London and Paris during mass demonstrations, clashes of their members with the police.

According to Figaro, from 15 to 20 thousand people gathered on Saturday in Paris at an unsanctioned rally against police brutality and racism. The police urged people to disperse and when they did not respond to the demands, released tear gas into the crowd. Protest organizers also asked the participants calmly disperse, but to no avail strength.

As reported by Paris police on Twitter, as a result of the demonstrations was detained 26 people.

according to BBC, in Central London, the demonstration also degenerated into clashes with law enforcement officials. The Agency reports that hundreds of white people gathered around the war memorial in Whitehall and in Parliament square near the statue of Winston Churchill.

the Demonstrators claimed that they had come to protect the monuments of the British Empire from activists BLM (Black Lives Matter “black lives matter”). Police were called to disperse the protesters, feet they began to throw in employees of bottles, stones and smoke bombs. The Minister of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom Priti Patel described the situation as “unacceptable thuggery”.

protests against racism and police continues in the United States and other countries for more than two weeks. They began after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota).

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