unite for the good cause. At Montreuil-sur-Mer, in Picardy, fathers of families, have decided to create three months ago, a team of synchronized swimming for silencing the teasing as a small boy of 11 years, Pierre Lefebvre, who has been practicing the sport for three years, suffered at the school.

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“He was upset, and then between dads, we thought that we could not let him do it. There was the film The deep who came out, we found it pleasant. We said, we are going to do the same thing to show the children that this is not a sport for girls. There are more girls sports or boys, it is completely idiotic. And so we made a team of men to show that men also can do synchronised swimming”, said Laurent Lefebvre, Pierre’s father, in a report released on 31 march on France 2.

An initiative hailed by GIlles Lellouche, is a vocation born

As in the film by Gilles Lellouche, who was congratulated in a tweet, the team, composed of nine, dads didn’t know each other before jumping in the water.

they are unemployed, pharmacists, or nurses, these men have two to four hours per week, under the eye, uncompromising of their coach who, in a milder way that the character of Leïla Bekhti, does not hesitate to point the finger at their weaknesses and their faults, in the water. “It is physical. A lot more than I thought,” says Eric Abramowicz, breathless, at the edge of the large bath and a reminder that synchronized swimming requires “endurance, some strength and breath.”

The result of these long hours of training will be a choreography in front of more than 400 people conquered by the performance of the team, to the municipal swimming pool in Montreuil-sur-Mer. In the Face of this success, these dads don’t stop there, as they will present to the championships the county which will take place at the end of the month of April.