In Primorye decided not to deprive of the parental rights of the father, which placed the children in the forest due to coronavirus

the guardianship decided not to take the children from a resident of Primorye, which placed them in the woods to wait out the pandemic coronavirus.

we will Remind that 39-summer inhabitant of the Kavalerovo and his three children went missing in early may. Two days later family found in forest home. Children are not affected. In the forest house was solar power, lighting, handheld shower, food and a fire extinguisher.

In the end, after checking, the man decided to leave the kids. At the same time the care required him to undertake in house repair. As have informed RIA “news” the Plenipotentiary on the rights of the child in the Primorsky Krai Olga Romanova, children are now ready to be discharged from the hospital, and at the time of repair in the father’s house they will live with her grandmother.

According to her, the children and their father are characterized well.

on Monday, she will personally examine the living conditions in their house in Kavalerovo. However, it is clear that the guardianship will not sue in court to limit father’s parental rights.

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