In Russia came into effect a temporary ban on the import of fuel

In the Russian Federation from June 2, is in effect a temporary ban on the import of gasoline and other fuels approved by the government on 25 may.

the ban will continue until 1 October. It is noted that, if necessary, until June 15, the relevant departments will be able to change the validity period.

At the same time restrictions do not apply to fuel transported through the territory of the Russian Federation in transit or contained in process vessels for operation in the route. Also not banned the fuel that was imported before the entry into force and for which no committed actions associated with the customs Declaration and release, and fuel, which the citizens move for your personal use.

As said earlier the head of Ministry of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, the ban on the import into Russia of cheap gasoline should be forced anti-crisis measure aimed at supporting the domestic refining industry and maintaining employment.

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