In Russia, more entrepreneurs will be to work the patent

the Government of the Russian Federation submitted to the state Duma the bill expanding the list of types of entrepreneurial activity according to the patent, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the Bill leads the business activities for which there may be applied patent system of taxation (PSN), in accordance with ОКВЭД2.

the New regulations also increase for certain types of entrepreneurial activities restrictions on the area used objects stationary trading network, with sales areas up to 150 square meters for each object of trade, and area of objects of public catering with the area of the hall of service of visitors — up to 150 sq. meters respectively.

the subjects of the Russian Federation can reduce these limit the size of the floor space (area of a hall of service of visitors), it is noted in the document.

the Bill also entitled the taxpayers of PSN to reduce the amount of tax payable in connection with application of PSN, the insurance payments (contributions) and benefits accrued during the tax period.

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