In Russia tightens control over the circulation of jewelry

the Federation Council approved a law providing for the implementation of the state integrated information system in the sphere of control of circulation of precious metals, stones and jewelry at all stages of their turnover, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the New system is designed for receiving, processing, storing and providing information about the origin and circulation of precious metals, gems and jewelry, as well as for the organization of special accounting. In connection with its introduction expanded the government’s authority to regulate relations in the field of geological study and reconnaissance of fields of precious metals and gem stones, their extraction, production, use and handling.

it is determined that the system operator will be the Ministry of Finance, to whom was also given the right to engage other organizations to implement these functions. It also defines the list of entities obliged to provide information to the system, which shall include: Federal Executive authorities, approved by the Russian government, the Central Bank, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out operations with precious metals and stones, as well as credit institutions.

To create the system in 2020 will need to allocate from the Federal budget 981,2 million.

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