This is without doubt one of the playgrounds, the most atypical for lovers of escape games will be able to see to this day. In the Richelieu wing of the Louvre museum, a puzzle has been created to immerse participants in an extraordinary adventure, named Project Exodus – The corridors of time . Put in place since the 5 October by the company Anima, the principle is simple: find the “door of time” behind which are the works that have been hidden during the Second world War, under the pain of being trapped inside the Louvre forever… The players will have to find it in less than two hours, crapahutant in the maze of the alleys of the museum and solve puzzles, with clues hidden in the paintings on display.

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“It is not on a rally discovery. The game is based on the works, to decode. Therefore players must focus on the works and look at the details,” said Franceinfo, Isabelle Terrissol, the agency’s Anima, which organises the hunt. The opportunity for the participants to discover the works of legendary Louvre in a fun way: “It is not in the same way as a regular attendee who has come to admire the works, because we must solve an investigation, but the mood is still very pleasant and the place is beautiful,” said Flore Lafargue, a participant of the escape game.

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Created for the first time in Japan 2007, by the company of SCARP (which is inspired by video games like Crimson Room ), escapes game are more popular than ever and grow more and more in Europe, especially in France, where, since 2013, there are more than 450 rooms.