In South seaside Park trees cut down (photo)

the Inhabitants of Krasnoselsky district noticed that in South seaside Park cut down trees. Work is being done behind the fence enclosing the precinct of the Church. Petersburgers are afraid that the ROC clears land for construction of the new Church.

In the social networks of residents shared photos and videos from the event. Some believe that it is sanitary felling. This is evidenced by the documents published by the temple on the social network page. However, felling ticket dated 6 June last year. The townspeople say that the validity of the document year, so the Church hurried.

“the Term slash, apparently, ended, so they work” — write in the comments.

Eyewitnesses claim that the trees are healthy.

“the fence, which the Church has fenced off a part of the forest began to cut the trees. Can’t say that this is deadwood, which supposedly they wanted to clear the forest. Now 20-30 minutes and will Heath — noted residents. — Cut down live trees, perennial willow. At stumps it is easy to determine that this is not the sanitary felling of loss of vitality of trees and shrubs”.

One of the local residents reported that called the Park administration. There she said don’t know the situation, but promised to investigate.

“I Called 112, there is made a request. But until you find out there is all cut down!” — worried citizens.

residents of the area fear that this place will be another temple, against the construction which they have repeatedly made.

“the Horror!!! The Church, despite the protests, build, and most likely, they would not care for our opinion. Then say that here in wasteland. What utter arrogance? In a vacant lot to build not want. Soon the whole Park will be cut down,” write subscribers.

“They’re not going to retreat. Decided to accelerate, until all of the insulation, think St. Petersburg. — Do what they want. They do even a single sapling is not planted.”

Recall that St. Petersburg residents oppose the development of the Park. They are dissatisfied with the “capture” of 17 thousand square metres of the territory of the Park, which was surrounded by a fence, with the deletion of the recreational areas. Activists note that the two temples in the Park already.

“We believe that to build up the churches of the green zone — it’s not about faith and not about Christianity, and about the vested interests of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. If the words of the priests about the love of people there is at least some truth, then building in South seaside Park should be abolished”, they say.

activists have created a petition to protect the Park from development. She scored more than 5 thousand signatures.

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