In St. Petersburg from June 15 to earn barbershops, libraries and baths

From June 15 in St. Petersburg will earn hairdressing and other consumer services. Changes approved by the Governor of the Northern capital Alexander Beglov, follows from the message published on the website of the city administration.

So, Monday will resume the operation of specialized retail furniture, libraries and archives, real estate agencies, recruitment agencies, hairdressers, city baths, the organizations and individual entrepreneurs, photographic workshops, photo studios and photo studios, organizations, rendering services on repair, maintenance and rental of bicycles and scooters. Many companies will work by appointment, they must also ensure the safety standard.

From June 15, also resumed training process in the professional sports clubs and public institutions of the city, restored the preferential and free tickets in suburban trains and buses.

Parallel to solve the question of carrying out of musical festival “stars of white nights”, said the press service of the Governor of the city.

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