In St. Petersburg nearly 50 shopping malls broke the rules work during a pandemic

Specialists of the St. Petersburg Committee of property relations of the examined 118 shopping malls in compliance with the mode of increased readiness. As reported on 47 sites recorded violation.

In most cases the disorders are associated with functioning on the territory of TC stores for the implementation of non-food goods, not included in the list of commodities. In some hypermarkets sold kitchen utensils, knitwear, sanitary ware, bedding, furniture, flowers, construction, stationery and electronics, household supplies and toys. Also, the inspectors found the outlets that sold clothing and shoes, accessories for mobile phones. Furthermore, a working hairdresser.

after the inspection, up 102 Protocol. Against the owners of shopping malls to work on bringing to administrative responsibility, said the Committee.

Recall that in St. Petersburg, in a pandemic there are a number of limitations. In particular, closed cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, shopping malls and shops that sell goods, non-Essentials. Allowed to work in grocery stores, pharmacies, salons of cellular communication, the outlets for the implementation of pet supplies.

the Governor said that in St. Petersburg there are no prerequisites for the lifting of these measures.

Meanwhile, in the Leningrad region, the authorities began gradually to remove restrictions. To resume work allowed to the enterprises of trade and public catering, beauty salons and museums. The uniform requirement is mandatory observance of mask mode.

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