In Tajikistan declare the passage of the peak of the incidence of the

Tajikistan should not weaken efforts to combat coronavirus. This was stated by the staff member coordinating staff to respond to a pandemic COVID-19 European regional Bureau of who Oleg Storozhenko, according to Sputnik Tajikistan.

So at the press conference of who experts he responded to the words of the Minister of health of Tajikistan Jamoliddin of Abdullozoda in an interview with “Soviet”, who said that the peak incidence of coronavirus in the country passed.

“you Must understand that there is no vaccine, no specific treatment for coronavirus, so the opportunity to relax and slacken not. On the contrary, you need to exert all efforts necessary to work more with the population in order to learn how to live in a situation when the virus is in the population in a situation of “new normality,” said Storozhenko.

Note that since 30 April, when the country had detected the first case of coronavirus, sootvetstvuyushie was diagnosed 4100 patients 2217 of which are already cured. Died 47 people.

Thus we can say that the global spread of coronavirus in Tajikistan failed to prevent.

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