In Tajikistan, dismissed the doctor, who allegedly cured the sick 300 COVID-19

the Chief doctor of the Central hospital of Rasht in Tajikistan Qobiljon Gaev treating patients with coronavirus has been dismissed, according to Sputnik Tajikistan.

He Gaev said that the dismissal followed a complaint by the head of the district to the Ministry of health of the country.

the Now former physician previously contracted the coronavirus, he had a high fever that does not subside, it became hard to breathe. Then Cabelcon Gaev tried to imagine veterinary medicine for pneumonia for cattle — solution penicillin-streptomycin, which is supposedly his izlechilo.

After his recovery, he began to treat in this way and the other, as asserted Gaev, he managed to put his feet on more than 300 patients.

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