In 1973 out on the screens, The Magnificent . This film by Philippe de Broca, graded as a first-time How to destroy the reputation of the most famous secret agent is intended to be a pastiche of James Bond. Jean-Paul Belmondo plays Bob Saint-Clar, 007 caricature, and François Merlin is a writer missed. Alongside Jacqueline Bisset plays a double role: the sculptural Tatiana and the delicious Christine, a student in sociology. Four decades later, this light comedy, which has inspired the OSS 117 Michel Hazanavicius , has become a reference of parody satirical. A few days before the 9 April, the day of 86 spring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset has agreed to deliver to the Figaro memories of a shoot memorable.

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LE FIGARO. – What memories do you keep of the filming of Beautiful ?

Jacqueline Bisset in 2018. DPA/DPA/ABACA

Jacqueline BISSET. – I remember, of course, Jean-Paul, who is both a partner of the filming great, and also a merry companion in life. It is a hairline, always funny, who knows how to relax everyone on a tray. And me, in particular who was afraid, rightly or wrongly, to play in French.

It was hard for you to play in our language?

Yes, it is true. All the more I had to camp two characters: Christine, a student intellectual who is interested in François Merlin, a novelist, a seemingly cheesy but actually very sensitive, François Merlin, and Tatiana, a sort of a spy to be a caricature, the female counterpart of Bob Saint-Clar. The first role that corresponded to my personality, the second was more difficult to compose. I was compelled, myself, to rethink the lines in English, to force myself to take the English accent the more posh as possible, and finally to translate all this in French.

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You seem to say that finally play this light comedy was not necessarily a sinecure?

No, it was a joy to play in France with Belmondo, Philippe de Broca a few short months after another great memory, The american Night of François Truffaut. But I repeat: even if I speak the French, at the bottom of myself, I have the impression that they do not always master all its subtleties and this is why I was very serious on the set. Of course, it formed a contrast with Jean-Paul who kept making jokes. But, I have to admit, with Philippe de Broca, who was a wonderful guide, the atmosphere they have created has certainly contributed to the success of the film.

did you Think at the beginning of the shoot that this pastiche of James Bond was going to become a cult film?

No, you know, at the beginning, which amused me was to play in a comedy which I felt instinctively that it was not devoid of irony. But, I repeat, all of this was very intuitive.

In your career you have played more often in dramas than in comedies. Is this a regret?

Yes and no. In reality, I love the irony, the offset. And I think that the lightness suits me very well. But it is so, the filmmakers I have imagined more often in dramas. You know the career of an actor follows paths which are sometimes sinuous. Watch Belmondo, he began working with Godard and Melville, the best of the New Wave. And then after, he played in The man from Rio , Cartridge , movies most popular. In a certain way, following my instinct, I followed a trajectory comparable. I’ve played Forbidden ( Defence of love ) , the story of a countess German who falls in love with a Jew in nazi Germany, and then The Beautiful , the caricature of a James Bond. It is the life of an actress.

During the filming of Beautiful , Bébel has celebrated its 40-year…

This is a nice souvenir. A beautiful festival of entertainers such as Jean-Paul loves them. The last time I cruised, it was 4 or 5 years in Los Angeles. He always had this smile of kid that makes all its charm.

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a Few scenes of Beautiful by Philippe de Broca, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset, Vittorio Caprioli…

When Francis Merlin declares his love to Christine.

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