In the capital of China imposed martial law because of a new outbreak of coronavirus

at least 49 new cases of coronavirus identified in the Chinese capital of Beijing, and the outbreaks again became a grocery market.

According to Bloomberg, the tests for the virus have passed all staff and visitors, with identified cases had no symptoms.

because Of the new wave of the epidemic in the city, martial law was imposed, including in Fengtai district, there is a market Sinhale.

As the portal CGTN, the residents of the 11 districts are forced to abide by strict measures of isolation and can’t leave the house.

“the Military regime” involves a very rigid mechanism of emergency response in residential complexes will tighten control, and stores and restaurants will be inspected.

Also temporarily change the routes of public transport in the market area, on roads already there were cordons of police.

it is Noted that such a rapid surge in the incidence occurred for the first time in two months.

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