In the center of Moscow surrenders two dozen places to open a business

the Town was put up for auction for the lease of more than 20 commercial premises located in the CAO. In particular, the business can rent premises in Moscow, Tver and Presnensky areas. The initial rate will be less than 200 thousand.

space is very different — from 14 to 500 “squares”. Therefore, the amounts differ depending on the characteristics of objects: from 85 thousand to 6.5 million.

As the head of the Department of Moscow on competition policy Ivan Shcherbakov, three lots exhibited in Presnensky, Tver and Tagansky districts, two in Meshchansky district. There are also proposals in the areas of Arbat, Zamoskvorechye and Yakimanka.

The budget lots of 1 thousand rubles per square meter — is located in Moscow, Tver and Presnensky areas, the official said. According to him, this proposal at a reduced rate for small and medium-sized businesses. “The rental of such facilities will cost the winners of the auctions in the price less than 200 thousand rubles at the start,” — said Shcherbakov.

Now the capital is accepting applications. View details of objects on investportal Moscow.

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