In the Internet appeared the petition to postpone the vote on the amendments

in Order to prevent mass infection of the coronavirus, elderly and people with poor health, you should postpone the voting on the amendments to the Constitution. Asked the authors of the petition published on

the application is addressed to the government of the Russian Federation.

the text noted that in Russia, “every day is diagnosed more than 8 thousand infected COVID-19”. The epidemiological situation is still unfavorable. However, the authorities do not refuse from voting on the amendments to the Constitution. That is, “from June 24 to July 1, about a million people will meet with tens and hundreds of voters.”

the Authors see no reason to risk the lives of millions of people and need to postpone the date of the plebiscite.

Recall, popular vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July. In the amendment there is a clause about “zeroing”, which theoretically allows 67-year-old Putin to remain in power after 2024, another 12 years.

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