In the Kursk region confirmed the death of the student, not admitted to hospital

the Committee of health and law enforcement authorities in Kursk region are checking after the death of 21-year-old Vladislav Minakov from peritonitis.

according to the publication “Lifting” the Committee stated that the young man was refused admission not because of the coronavirus, and by his personal consent.

it is Noted that during your first access to the doctors, the patient did not need emergency surgical care.

“in the Evening he again called the ambulance, but when the brigade arrived, refused hospitalization, noting that he feels better. Refusal of admission is recorded in the map”, — reported in cosgrave.

At the same time each Minakov Sergey said the “Lift” that the crew of the ambulance she asked the young man to sign a refusal of admission.

Earlier media reported that the Kursk crew “ambulance” refused to take to the hospital 21-year-old student who went to a regional hospital may 23 with complaints of abdominal pain. In the hospital he was examined by the doctor on call did an ultrasound and prescribed medication. However, the treatment did not help, and a few days later Vladislav called an ambulance.

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