In the state Duma called unconstitutional, raising the age of sale of alcohol

the head of the Duma Committee on state building Pavel Krasheninnikov believes has legal grounds a proposal to raise up to 21 years (from the current 18 years) age sales of alcohol. He commented on the initiative of the Federation Council and the Ministry of health on raising the age of sale of alcohol.

As reported “Interfax”, Krasheninnikov said that from the point of view of constitutional and civil law raising the age of sale and consumption of alcohol is contrary to the Constitution and the Civil code. The MP reminded that in Russia total age of legal capacity legally set at 18 years (article 60 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). There is also article 21 of the Civil code, according to which the Russians also considered to be legally competent, 18 years of the age of majority. In some cases, for example, if the marriage, civil capacity may occur before, said Krasheninnikov. With 18 years, the Russians have the right to vote, to marry, to serve in the army. Purchase of alcoholic beverages is also carried out in the framework of the contract of retail purchase and sale, regulated in the Civil code. An adult can even perform business activities — i.e. not to buy and sell alcohol.

as for references to foreign experience with the sale of alcohol from 21 years there, said Krasheninnikov, this applies not only to alcohol but to the entire scope of rights and obligations.

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