In the United States compared to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies with the Cuban missile crisis

the American publication The National Interest believes that the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies is comparable to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, as it can lead the world to a very dangerous situation.

According to the author, the decision to leave the agreement will not lead US to leadership in the international community, and even more destabilizie the situation. In particular, will continue the process of destruction of the regime of arms control between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union.

“Instead of to leave, the United States should be to upgrade older aircraft to match the more advanced Russian and to discuss ways of changing and rebirth of the now defunct of the INF Treaty and the extension of the new start Treaty,” said the author, former Deputy Secretary of defense of the United States (1981-1985) Lawrence J. Korb.

However, the administration of us President Donald trump only made the situation worse when he said that trying to conduct its first nuclear test since 1992. Thus, American politicians want to force Russia and China to conclude a new tripartite deal on strategic nuclear weapons. But it is more likely to break the Agreement on a comprehensive test ban Treaty and provoke a new arms race.

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