In the United States during the protests against police violence killed another protester

the protests that gripped the United States for killing a white policeman, a black, has already killed at least two people. Write about it in the national media.

So, in Las Vegas (Nevada) protester the day before came into a clash with law enforcers and was killed. According to city police, the man was in body armor and armed. When a protester reached for his weapon, the security forces inflicted a fatal gunshot wound.

Earlier it was reported that in the same city a police officer was shot in the head during a protest.

Civil society activists in the United States staged demonstrations demanding a fair investigation of the incident with the death of the African-American George Floyd. A black man was detained by police in Minneapolsi, one of the law enforcement officers nine minutes of lying Floyd pressed a knee on the throat, leading to death. Protests in some cases resulted in stolknoveniya with the police and military, and also led to looting and arson.

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