In the Vladimir region have resumed their protests against the project of motorway Moscow — Kazan

local Residents again spoke against passage of the M12 toll road Moscow — Kazan. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” Vladimir politician, 1st Secretary of the regional Communist party Anton Sidorko, Assembly of protesters marched in the Koloksha village Sobinsk district, the district Mostostroy of the city of Vladimir in the village of Vyatkino Sudogodskiy district.

Inhabitants Koleksi objected that the new highway will cut off their village from the nearest settlement Oderihino. Residents of Mostostroy expressed concern about the fate favorite vacation spot at the lake Bath. And the inhabitants of Vyatkino are unhappy that their town after the construction of the new road will be between the two routes, which will mean a slow death for the village.

Anton Sidorko said that the motorway construction project can still be changed, and the inhabitants, after reviewing the construction plans, demanded to protect them from negative consequences.

we will Remind that earlier residents of the Sudogda district has organized a series of protests against the passage of future trails on human settlements and the wilderness in their area, against the demolition of houses, and made adjustments to the plans.

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