In the world counted more than 8 million cases of infection with coronavirus

Total number infected during the epidemic of the coronavirus was 8 million 59 thousand 420 people. Such data leads portal Worldometrics.

Recovered from COVID-19 4 165 million 307 thousand people. Died 12 437 thousand patients.

Only now there are 3 million 457 thousand 101 active case of the disease in a serious condition are 54 576 thousand people.

most of those infected in the U.S. — 2 million 170 thousand 933, on the second place Brazil (873 963 thousand), the third — 537 210 thousand.

States also topped the list of countries with the largest number of victims of infection — 117 960 thousand. This is followed by Brazil (43 485 thousand) and the UK (41 736).

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