This Monday April 22nd, Master Stanislas Machoïr, specialized in the auction of classic cars, did not return. The effect Johnny Hallyday is he being blunt? This weekend, the auctioneer was organizing at the Castle School, near Toulouse, an auction of 221 lots with a lot of souvenir cars related to Albert Uderzo and Johnny Hallyday. Balance sheet, and on a Monday morning: “The lithographs and drawings signed Albert Uderzo sold very well, but not lots related to Johnny Hallyday,” says the auctioneer, to say the least disappointed. Despite a large number of articles in the national press to announce the sale, fans of the rocker have nothing purchased and, most importantly, they have not moved. “They have been completely deficient when I was sixteen batches of original photos. They were going out of the ordinary and showed a little known facet of Johnny, his sporting life a fan of racing circuit. So that everyone can afford them, I’d put it at a low price of 50-80 euros as Johnny and Sylvie on the circuit of Montlhéry south of Paris,” says Stanislas Machoïr.

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The fans were not the only ones whose absence has been noticed. Those who would have been able to buy lots in anticipation of a future museum Johnny Hallyday had not sent emissaries. Those are usually trade of the rental objects Hallyday for exhibitions were not there either. Lots large have been bought by lovers of vintage cars that are the usual customers of the auctioneer. A plate of racing signed by the rocker is thus a party to 1900€, well above the estimate to 700€. The original model of the famous Ford Mustang is also a party to 1900 €. A purchaser is offered the international licence of the rocker for 2900€.

“For the career posthumous rocker, this is not a good sign, analysis the auctioneer. Fortunately, that one has now sold. In 2020, no lot would be gone. Finally the funeral of the singer, people have mostly cried on themselves, an era that came to an end.”

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Two other factors have undoubtedly played: the date of the sale and the presence incongruous for a Smart of the singer made by a seller to the identity is mysterious. The Sunday eve of Easter Monday, the fans have had to prefer to spend the day at home with the family before a delicious lamb dish. Then, a lot has thrown a shade sail on sale. With the exception of the famous Smart, all of the items sold dating back to 1967 and come from the personal collection of Henri Chemin. “A brilliant man, in good shape that I went to see six weeks ago, tells the story of Stanislas Melchoïr. It was the great manitou of the communication of Ford France and a professional driver. A time spouse of Claude Gensac, it is thanks to him that Louis de Funès drove a convertible red in The Gendarme in Saint-Tropez , and Jean-Louis Trintignant driver an american car in a Man and wife by Claude Lelouch.”

But in the microcosm of the vintage cars, the rumor of a sale by Johnny Hallyday is quickly reached the ears of Boudou, the family of Laeticia Hallyday, the last wife of the singer. “It is as well as the Smart cabriolet of the singer purchased in may 2000 for his property in Marnes-la-Coquette’s arrival in the sale,” says Stanislas Melchoïr. What member of the family Boudou has sold so that the estate Hallyday is the subject of a lawsuit resounding between Laeticia Hallyday and the elders of singer, David Hallyday and Laura Smet? Laeticia Hallyday, itself? His father, André Boudou, known to have been an experienced pilot of the Paris-Dakar? Her grandmother Elyette Boudou alias Mamy Rock, who at the age of 84 continues to be the managing official of the companies French rocker? His brother, Gregory Boudou, whose a close relative lives in Toulouse? A man of confidence Boudou placed with the rocker which is now in need of cash? Stanislas Melchoïr will say no more. One thing is for sure: the seller hoped to sell the Smart between 6 and 10,000 euros has not made a case great. The small-car rocker is a party to 6500 euros.

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