I compute therefore I am. Here is how you could summarize the piece written, directed and played by Marion Bignardi. Between 2xX2 is a piece of theatre mi-algebraic half-philosophical. The young director of 25 years is appropriate in a poetic way the mathematics to explain the share of real and fiction that constitute a romantic relationship.

“The piece is based on two characters, R and F. R is a stable woman, who likely suffers from schizophrenia or split personality,” says Toulouse. She tries to explain everything by math, his relationship with F its existence. F during this time, plays the clarinet and likes to confuse R in his reasoning. It is a little of his evil genius cartesian.”

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“The table is a mirror and reflection of the madness of R.,” says Marion Bignardi. Rachel piovesan research

Between 2xX2 is the equation of their relationship. “So you’re my other half, we are our twin. When we’re not together, I am divided by two, reasons its character. The mathematical formulas are displayed on a table is transparent and the characters personified by Marion Bignardi and Laurie Alle end up by sowing doubt in the minds of the spectators: who is real and who is not? “R and F look at each other but do not listen to each other, brush against each other but not touching, and the non-contact of their bodies creates shadows on the table still lit up, that becomes mesmerizing,” says Marion Bignardi.

“The connection between two people can be so strong that, once this is be gone, a part of us, if not us as a whole, is going with him.”

Marion Bignardi, director

“math is the only language that R was found to reassure himself of his own existence. The table on which she writes is, in reality, a mirror of his madness, and it invents its own formulas which are not logical in his head”, explains the director. The only way to escape this cartesian doubt lies in the power of poetic language that allows them to resolve the inconsistencies of mathematics of A.

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F Laurie (Alle) playing the clarinet, can be heard without end in the head of R (Marion Bignardi). Rachel piovesan research

Arnaud Anckaert used in Constellations quantum physics to show the different possibilities of a love affair. Marion Bignardi uses, it, math to speak of relationship. “From the outset we wanted to work this link we create with others, particularly in the context of a romantic relationship. We project all a part of our fantasies, our desires and ourselves on the person that you love. To the point sometimes to create a whole imagination about what it is. The connection can be so strong that, once this is be gone, a part of us, if not us as a whole, is going with him. R without F does not have value. It is this which frightens R and that pushes to lock himself in his math incomprehensible,” says Marion Bignardi.

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Author of several texts of slam, some of which have been worn by the voice of Dawn Knight, the young toulouse has worked for three years with the company, Games for the Kids, before creating his own theatre workshops in 2018. She begins to forge a reputation in the heart of the pink City with its poetic style and metaphors as soft as bloody. In his “letters”, published on the website Girlshood under the pseudonym of Bruna, her narrator digs his own psychology and his emotions. With his play Between 2xX2 , is his vision of passionate love that unfolds on the stage with her teammate Laurie Alle.

Between 2xX2 Marion Bignardi, on 12 and 13 April at 20: 30 at theater of the White Dog in Toulouse, france, 26, rue du general Compans. Booking the