In Transbaikalia unknown posted on the hill multimeter inscription insulting Putin

In the TRANS-Baikal region last night unknown persons have replaced stepping stones on the hill art-inscription with the name of the village Aginskoe on the words that offend Putin.

As reported by news Agency “Chita.Ru” the night before the inscription was still old — Aginskoe, and early in the morning local residents noticed a significant change. The inscription shifted quickly, from nine o’clock in the morning, replacing the first offensive word so that spell “Putinka”, and then the object brought to its former state. Now the inscription has been restored.

the head of the village Aginskoye Andrey Dashin declined to comment, citing a business trip.

the source of the newspaper “MK in Chita” reported that the police began a search of the authors of the inscription.

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