In Ulyanovsk, the police prevented the Communist party to campaign against the amendments to the Constitution

In Ulyanovsk fined the driver of the campaign vehicle of the Communist party Alexey Lashmanova. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in the office of the head of the Communist party faction in the regional legislative Assembly, the occasion was charged with violation of traffic rules. The car is under control of Alexey Lashmanova was equipped with hands-free installation from which there were calls “does not vote for the amendments to the Constitution”. Wednesday on the street Pushkarev passenger car was stopped by traffic police on seven cars, saying that agitmashina is in some orientations. For a long time they tried to formulate a complaint to the driver. “The traffic police said claims to chromatographically the installation and to the fact that the tires were different protectors” – said in the Communist party. On a place of events there arrived also the head of administration Zasviyazhskiy region nail Jumakulov, but after a short discussion, with opponents left. The police drew up reports and submitted to the court. Magistrate’s court on Thursday revealed Alexey Lashmanova a previously imposed penalty for a traffic violation and ordered to pay it.

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