In Voronezh the market traders Kol'tsovskiy, left without the means to life, came to the rally

The merchants of the market “Koltsovo” in Voronezh came to the rally with posters “We are hungry” and “Let’s work”. As reported by “Vesti-Voronezh”, entrepreneurs are not able to open their shops, because they do not fall under the first wave of restrictions. According to them, in fact Kol’tsovskiy — market, and the documents and a shopping complex. Entrepreneurs explained that he had gone to one of the first-isolation — March 28. Those who are unable to return to the market, about 200 people. The majority, I assure you they had no savings, all the money invested in the product. Now you need to update the range, and no funds even for the ordinary life. In the administration of the shopping complex said that already appealed to the city and to the regional authorities. Moreover, they are ready to meet all sanitary standards, but the opening zatyagivaetsya due to the fact that a few years ago ceased to be a market.

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